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Stand Out In 90 Sec

Connecting People. In Cybersecurity. To Themselves. And To the Community. Through Short Video Conversations…. And build

What’s the motivation behind this?

We live in a world filled with Digital overload, Incessant distractions and Real human connections that are getting weaker.
The rationale is simple…

Enter #StandOutIn90Sec, Unveiling a human instantly.

Some of our Past Guests

Dr. Reem



Do you wish to be known?

It’s your turn now. Ready to build your humanizing social brand and bond with the Cybersecurity
community in a unique and memorable way.
You = A newcomer to cybersecurity wanting to get noticed

You = An early-stage employee wanting to come out of her/his shell

You = A mid-career executive seeking to jumpstart her/his social presence

You = A senior executive wanting to sponsor newcomers videos and get one of your own

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What People Say About Us

We are blssed with the opportunity to touch lives. Don’t just take our word for it, Here’s what our clients have said about us.

Here’s A Preview

You should watch the episode. It’s currently going viral.

Latest Episodes