#TheAceKrishChronicles – April 2019 – from Pooh Bear to podcasting

I shared my 15-minute analysis of tech workers in Silicon Valley, explained why Pooh Bear has something to teach us all, and repeated why I am so happy to be involved with OpenBook as a brand ambassador. But my favorite moment on LinkedIn this month? The validation of a year’s worth of podcasting. On reaching out […]

#TheAceKrishChronicles – December 2018 – life lessons, bots, and breaches

For some time, I have been wanting to collate my most popular LinkedIn posts here on the blog. The posts that challenged, resonated, or prompted discussion. So here they are, the most provocative of my musings from December 2018. Life lessons as the year winds down The 10-second survey that provides honest feedback Humility from […]

Are you a trapeze artist? If not, learn the ropes – your survival may depend on it

There are a few impactful conversations that we all have in our lives that continue to resonate even as our receding hairline and our inability to understand Snapchat become more pronounced. In fact, sometimes the resonance becomes a deafening roar as time progresses. That is the case with me as well and one particular (chance) […]

The Puris (puffed bread) story and the art of customer experience!

Seems like an odd ‘blog’ to write about Puris but if you humor me for a bit longer you won’t be disappointed – I guarantee it 🙂 A couple of weeks ago I decided to hold a surprise party for my wife’s b’day and I ordered from a new Indian restaurant called Amaravathi (Disclaimer: I […]