3 things we can all learn from Mr. C — making a difference every day!

The whole saga started with a freak accident. A relative of ours who we had invited from India had a sudden fall and as a result had to be taken to the ER followed by a day recuperating at the hospital and was back home 24 hours later. Done. Not really! The labyrinth maze that […]

Did you do it your way?

Thanks to a good friend – Aldrin D’souza – I was transported back in time when he sent me a link to the inimitable Frank Sinatra singing “I did it my way” a few days ago. And ever since I hit play and listened to the mesmerizing vocals, the song and the lyrics have been […]

7 things a Tanzanian vacation taught me about life

This was one of the hardest vacations our family had undertaken. Why? Because we had lost our furry four-legged friend – Jackie – just a couple of days before the vacation was about to commence. So, we left with a heavy heart as we made the loooong journey to Tanzania. But I am so glad […]

Ashwin, you need very little to be truly happy

An ex-colleague and friend reminded me of this today in a conversation. Mind you, this was not a normal conversation. Far from it. Why? Because he had spent the last three years of his life in isolation. You heard me right. In a correctional facility for a white-collar crime that he claims to have never […]

From “Best Before” to “Better After” — the journey of a lifetime

Have you caught yourself staring at the milk carton or the salad mix in your refrigerator searching for that elusive expiration date? Or maybe if you are like me, once you have detected that impossibly minute imprint, you have to engage in the gymnastic hand stretch (hey, just found another use for the selfie stick) […]

I want people to read my compelling (!!) blog. But will they?

That’s how I felt when I first started writing regularly over a couple of years ago. I had such fantastic ideas and what business did the world have besides stopping in their tracks and be amazed. But it did not happen that way. There was deafening silence in the beginning. And then a trickle started. […]

I FAKED it to try and MAKE it. Then I STOPPED faking and MADEIT

One of my favorite TV series – that ran for a short four years on NBC was The Pretender. Wikipedia describes the lead character, Jarod, as a genius impostor able to quickly master the complex skill sets necessary to impersonate a member of any profession. What intrigued me so much was his ability to take on […]

Are you prepared for your QPR?

Its not a typo – I did mean QPR – not QBR. QPR aka Quarterly Person Review. While the title may sound a little philosophical, I assure you this article wreaks about pragmatism and survival. But there is a little bit of self-reflection involved since the desired outcome in my mind – that the reader starts […]

Are you making a living or just LIVING

There are movies that happen to you. You stumble upon them and are left in awe. Long after the movie credits have faded into oblivion they continue to inspire and engage. It happened to me recently on a trans-Atlantic trip. The movie – The Old Man & the Gun starring the inimitable Robert Redford. I […]