Is the cloud lulling us into security complacency?

The recent CapitalOne breach has certainly made lots of headlines in less than a day since the story broke out. And sadly, it has already thrust the $700M settlement that was reached from the largest ever data breach – the Equifax one – onto the sidelines just days after the news of that settlement broke out. But going back […]

My journey from “General Availability” to “Beta forever”

If you are a software geek (I was one a loooong time ago), you would have got the import of the title instantly. But even so, the application of GA, General Availability, and Beta is not to software but to me – a normal human being (by most assessments). But let’s clarify the definition so […]

The CSO and CPO role just dramatically expanded overnight

Two high-profile incidents from two of the biggest names in the tech business – Google and Facebook – should cause us to demand of CISOs and CPOs of companies of all sizes to rethink their role and responsibilities.     Published on CSO online on February 25, 2019

From CIA to #CIA

The evolution of our security journey using the three pillars of security.

Engagement in the workplace

A simple mnemonic for engaging with your colleagues in the workplace — CDC: Candor, Dedication, Competence.