Have you caught yourself staring at the milk carton or the salad mix in your refrigerator searching for that elusive expiration date? Or maybe if you are like me, once you have detected that impossibly minute imprint, you have to engage in the gymnastic hand stretch (hey, just found another use for the selfie stick) to get the aging retina into focus! And then make that critical decision. To consume or discard?

Now imagine you are the milk carton (hang in there, I promise this will make perfect sense soon) and the consumer making that decision “to be or not to be” is your employer? But, unlike the milk carton there isn’t any obvious “best before” date imprinted on you (if there is, well Houston you have a different problem).  Yet the decision for a promotion or a bonus or that ugly layoff is based on these very criteria. Ditto for a hiring manager who is looking at your resume and figuring out your best date to justify a go / no-go.

So, where am I going with this? We all have a “best before” date that the beholder sees. And it may not even be consistent across business decision makers. But it is there nevertheless. She, complete with all her biases, is making this decision unbeknownst to us. And just like the hapless milk carton, we are at her mercy. Or are we? What if can regain control and maybe transform ourselves from milk (or salad) to say wine. Getting better with every passing day.

The better after expedition. Can it even be done? #YouBetcha

Published on Thrive Global on September 20th, 2019. Read the full article here.

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