If you are a software geek (I was one a loooong time ago), you would have got the import of the title instantly. But even so, the application of GA, General Availability, and Beta is not to software but to me – a normal human being (by most assessments).

But let’s clarify the definition so we are all on the same page. Beta is an early release of software, usually available on demand or to a select community, and is the process by which feedback is gathered and the product improves through revisions until it gets to a quality and feature threshold and is ready for GA! Wow! And I promise I did not Google that definition, so I do remember a thing or two from my software days.

Now, Google turned that definition on its head by introducing a concept called extended Beta (some even called it Permanent Beta). Gmail, when it first came out, adhered to this definition. Since it was not officially GA, it could be forgiven for entertaining bugs, and credit to G that they constantly updated the Beta software to make it better, but it remained in Beta (for a loooong time).

Published on Thrive Global on July 12th, 2019. Read the full article here.

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