I got an unexpected #LinkedIn message the other day from an ex-colleague with whom communication had tapered off years ago. What was unusual about the message was her reason to reconnect. “You have chosen a path very different than most of us and I am very curious to hear about your journey”. Needless to say, I was slightly taken aback. And then we spoke and it felt very revitalizing and rejuvenating as I recounted my journey from #PAC to #PAC (more on that in a minute). And that was the trigger to write this short blog capturing the essence of my journey and the missteps (lots of it) and the learnings that may provide value to you.

I was caught up in the quicksand of #PAC for the longest time. I knew I wanted to try something different but #PAC held me back. #PAC being PermissionApproval, and Centricity.

Published on Thrive Global on March 22, 2019. Read the full article here.

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