Past Speaking Events

Enterprise Security | Cyber Security -1 to 4 November 2020

Enterprise Security | Cyber Security & Cloud Expo North America

IDEAS — November 2018

Webinar: Building trust in an age of online data and security

IoT World Conference and Expo — May 2019

Session: Responsible ROI: How to Contextualize Ethics in IoT Development with Jessica Groopman of Kaleido Insights.

IoT Day Slam — April 2019

Keynote: The resurgence of tech and privacy.

IoT Slam Live — June 21, 2019

Keynote speech

CompTIA ChannelCon — August 2019

Keynote: Building Trust in an Age of AI and Data Science

Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo — November 13, 2019

Panel Moderator: An E2E approach to tackling data security challenges of the IoT.

AI & Big Data Expo — November 13, 2019

Panel Moderator: Examining AI uses in Banking & Financial Services.

Smart Home Summit — November 19, 2019

Fireside Chat: Smart Home’s Three Achilles Heels and Why Consumers Hold the Solution.

Technology Revolution, The Future of Now — November 6, 2019

Panel discussion with Kristina Podnar, Jessica Groopman and Fiona McEvoy hosted by Bonnie D. Graham.