When we meet someone for the first time a common ice-breaker is ‘What do you do’ and the answer is a description of what they do for a living ‘An engineer who works at Facebook’ or ‘A teacher at an elementary school’ and so on. I stuck to this script for the first four decades of my life as it seemed solid and reliable and I did not know better. The script changed temporally through the first four decades but it was the answering the same question “What do I do outside of home” – A student at REC Warangal, an engineer at Wipro, a Manager at Nokia, a Product Manager at Juniper ….- nothing you can really poke holes in but nothing that would raise an eyebrow either. And then as I crossed the 40 mark, it started to ring hollow to me. I needed something more jaw-dropping, something that would further balloon my ego, something that made me stand out and keep up with the Joneses. I learned about ‘branding’ and ‘establishing instant credibility’. It was all with a singular aim of defining the ‘Who’. A simple ‘Product Manager’ transformed into a ‘visionary business leader who can drive through ambiguity and inspire teammates’. #Sounds cool. So much so, I almost started believing that rhetoric.

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