Seems like an odd ‘blog’ to write about Puris but if you humor me for a bit longer you won’t be disappointed – I guarantee it 🙂

A couple of weeks ago I decided to hold a surprise party for my wife’s b’day and I ordered from a new Indian restaurant called Amaravathi (Disclaimer: I have no business or monetary interest in this entity) based on Yelp reviews. One of the items on the menu was puris – 30 in all. I showed up at 5:30pm and was surprised to find all the promised items ready to go. But there was something else that caught me by surprise. I was confronted with a stack of 10 trays – 5 of which were boldly marked as ‘Puris’. I was sure there was some mistake since 30 puris could easily be fitted in one tray and I wasn’t going home with 150 puris for sure! Som – the proprietor assured me there was no mistake and each of the 5 trays had 6 puris each only carefully packed so they remained in their pristine puffed form for a couple of more hours so that my guests could relish them. I was speechless. With many years of hosting and attending Desi parties where Puris headlined the menu, the act of decoupling two flat and oily puris from each other before transferring one or more to one’s plate was a party ritual! And here was this audacious restauranteur who was boldly breaking that tradition and offering his end customers’ a new and delectable way to enjoy puris! But enough of the puris already. What this incident did teach me (or reminded me) on what true customer service means.

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