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Stand Out In 90 Sec

Connecting People. In Cybersecurity. To the Community. Build Personal Human Brand. Through Short Video Conversations.

Ashwin Krishnan

What’s the motivation behind this?

We live in a world filled with Digital overload, Incessant distractions and Real human connections that are getting weaker.
The rationale is simple…

Enter #StandOutIn90Sec, Unveiling a human instantly.

What I offer.

If you are an Event Organizer

I can host your speakers before the event to reveal the humans behind the upcoming keynote and by amplifying the video through social media thereby driving awareness and interest towards the event

If you are a cybersecurity coach and mentor

I can host your clients to reveal the humans behind the name and qualification and they can use this video to raise their social profile for instance by featuring this on the LinkedIn featured section of their profile

If you are a CISO

I can host your leaders and employees to reveal the humans behind the Zoom screen to drive internal employee engagement, bonding and forge relationships across divisions internally and externally


  • If you are a student looking to break into cybersecurity
  • This video will help you come out of your shell, break through your comfort zone and be an asset you can use in the LinkedIn Featured profile section

Experienced Professional

  • If you have been in cybersecurity for a while
  • This video will allow you to expose your human side that even folks who know you well may be surprised and the larger community will certainly be astonished and inspired to hear about this side of you

Early Career Professional

  • If you have been in cybersecurity for a couple of years
  • This video will help you with your personal branding in a unique way - by showing your human side and your personal backstory that motivates the community to engage with you

Some of my past guests

Nicole Darden Ford

Mark – CISO at Victoria’s Secret

Dr.Reem Faraj AlShammari

What People Say About Me

We are blessed with the opportunity to touch lives. Don’t just take our word for it, Here’s what our clients have said about us.

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