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Connecting People. In Cybersecurity. To Themselves. And To the Community. Through Short Video Conversations.

That’s what I do these days every waking hour. But my path to get here is a little non-traditional. Well, it started very traditionally. A tech degree, Engineer, Product Manager … Executive. Across various networking and cybersecurity companies. And then in 2018, I hit a fork in the road. I started feeling hollow. Meeting customers and telling them how great we were and how the competition sucked. And bombard them with presentations and emails. STOP. And I did. I STOPPED. Quit my “executive” role at a late-stage cybersecurity startup and decide to find my path. Not sure what that was going to be. But as they say, when you venture out, the universe conspires. And it happened to me at RSAC 2018 - the Cybersecurity conference. I was asked to be a podcast host. And I had no idea what a podcast host was s’posed to do. Except a good buddy of mine who is a podcaster had oversubscribed his guest list and asked me if I could take on a few. And that opened up the path that I never even knew existed until then. Fast forward to today - have hosted over 1000 guests across the industry on podcasts and videocasts. Not just in Cybersecurity. Ventured into LinkedIn Live and hosted over 100 guests across a variety of walks of life from Dog Rescuers to Child Protectors against Trafficking to … And as a result, learnt a thing or two. Embraced discomfort. Dealt with impostor syndrome. Failed spectacularly trying my hand at coaching (and a few other things). And here I am. As a solopreneur. Writing regularly for Tech publications like SearchSecurity. And my fulltime latest venture - #StandOutIn90Sec.

So what is

Start with Converse​

How? By asking probing questions like “What’s your life motto” OR “What’s one advice you would give to your younger self” … And the succinct answer reveals the human being behind the name, title, resume. And I have to take a stiff one afterward, listening to some of the answers. Raw, unfiltered and super succinct! That’s the converse piece.

Then it’s time to create.

Screenshot with the guest’s experience right after the recording even before the video
comes out to create anticipation! Creating a 5-second opener drawing from my guest’s
answers. Creating mashups with multiple guests’ answers. The creation stage is really

Finally, it’s time to connect

Connect with the community by sharing the video. Across multiple social platforms.
LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter. Create organic connections between cyber execs, CISOs,
newcomers, speakers …. Connection creates bonds and elevates unique value!